Which stars can be seen by ordinary astronomical telescopes?

Observation target:

The main stars we observe are: the moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, and the sun.

 Observation effect and extent:

1: Moon

Main: crater, crater, moon sea, moon creek

2: Saturn

Main: Saturn’s halo, Cassini slit, Enke slit (difficult to observe with primary telescopes)

3: Jupiter

Main: The primary telescope can observe 2-3 cloud bands (streaks) under good atmospheric conditions,

Great Red Spot (difficult to observe)

4: Mars

Main: white polar cap, difficult to observe with primary telescope

5: Venus

The Venus phase (profit and loss) elementary telescope can also find out

6: Sun

Mainly: sunspots, flares,

Note: It is absolutely not allowed to observe the sun directly with a telescope. It is necessary to use a solar filter made of a Bard film at the objective lens. The solar filter at the eyepiece end is dangerous and is not recommended, or a safer projection method should be used.

7: Other:

In addition, some deep-sky objects such as star clusters, galaxies, and nebulae are affected by the performance of the telescope, and the details and numbers that can be seen are different.

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