What to do if the telescope gets water

Your telescope is flooded with water. Some components added to the tap water are likely to corrode the surface of the lens, such as the coating. The dissolved substances in the water will remain on the surface of the lens after the water dries, changing the thickness of the lens. The lens is a precision device and is tiny. The changes in the image result in the inability to image or affect the brightness and clarity of the image, and there will be a foggy feeling when looking at things.

In fact, it is unlikely that the telescope will return to its original state after the water enters it. Although the water can dry, the water-dissolved substances will remain on the surface of the lens, which affects the brightness and clarity of the image, and everything is foggy. If the lens is removed, cleaned and dried, and then installed, one is that the optical axes of the left and right lens barrels are not easy to be parallel, and this type of telescope is dizzy; Third, if the prism is on the roof and is contaminated, there is no way to take it apart and clean it.

If you do not want to affect the observation, it is best to send the telescope to the manufacturer for repair, but in this case, the cost must be calculated. If the cost is too large, you can basically consider buying a new one. Therefore, I advise the majority of mirror friends to pay attention to the maintenance of the binoculars. Even nitrogen-filled waterproof binoculars should not be soaked in water to avoid accidents. Still the same sentence: The best way to deal with water in the telescope is to avoid water!

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