Disassembly diagram of roof structure binoculars

First of all-peel off the rubber, the surface of the telescope is wrapped with a layer of rubber, which can play a comfortable grip and anti-slip effect. The rubber and the lens body are glued together.

The same goes for the rubber on the focusing handwheel

The eyepiece can also be pulled off

Then start to remove the eye mask-the eye mask is a screw-up type, there are three screws to fix it, there are three grooves on the eye mask, according to the track of the three screws can be screwed up, the screw can use a flat screwdriver to unscrew the eye mask. Can be taken down.

The look after removing the blindfold

Then disassemble the eyepiece-the eyepiece is screwed tightly with the body of the lens. It took a lot of effort to unscrew it. After unscrewing, it is found that there is waterproof glue inside, which can better seal it.

The right eyepiece can be adjusted for parallax, you can look at the diagram: by turning the parallax compensation ring, you can see that the eyepiece lens rotates up and down

The lens is tightened with a pressure ring. There are 2 grooves on the pressure ring, which can be loosened with a tool to take out the lens.

After unscrewing, you can see that the eyepiece group is a three-piece two-group type

One of the two lenses is glued together

Prism part-before removing the prism, adjust the three prism fixing screws of the optical axis

In the middle of the two screws, there is a hole. This hole is a nitrogen filling hole. Now it is completely sealed with waterproof glue. Generally, the manufacturer will assemble all the telescopes, then fill it with nitrogen, and finally seal the waterproof glue.

After loosening the three prism-fixing screws of the telescope, the prism can be taken out. ①②③ in the figure below is the corresponding three screws

The underside of the prism is tapered, and the three screws can just hold the tapered part. After tightening, the force is downward, and the prism can be fixed very stably.

Remove the objective lens

The objective lens is also three pieces in two groups, one of which is two pieces glued together

 Objective lens group after disassembly

Roof binoculars after dismantling

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