Simple method and process for cleaning the telescope lens

Many friends don’t know how to deal with the dirty lenses of their telescopes! I’m afraid of scratching again! The gain is not worth the loss. First of all, the lens pen is mainly used to deal with a small number of oil stains and watermarks. If there are a lot of oil stains on the mirror surface, you can also use the lens pen, but it will greatly shorten the life of the lens pen. Secondly, the lens pen is not a labor of thousands of years, it is also a consumable. When you find that the lens pen does not work well when you use it, it is estimated that you need to buy a new one. First, let’s take a photo that has not been cleaned up and the tools prepared:

  • 1.Use air to clean the surface. This step is actually very important. Be very careful. Use air to blow across the entire lens surface, mainly to remove the hard dust. If the hard dust is not removed, it is easy to scratch the coating in the subsequent steps, causing more serious damage
  • 2.After confirming that the cleaning is clean and there is no hard dust on the surface, drip a small amount of lens water (really not too much), and the amount of dripping depends on the lens area and the size of the oil stain.
  • 3.Use lens paper dipped in lens water on the surface to gently wipe the surface of the lens, mainly to dissolve and remove oil stains. If there are more and thicker oil stains, you can repeat steps 2 and 3 until the oil and water stains are completely removed.
  • 4.At this time, the lens surface should be basically very clean, but if you look closely, you will find that there are actually very slight lens watermarks, especially when you find a certain angle to the light. Pay attention to the water stains in the reflection of the lamp in the picture below
  • 5. The lens pen finally works. Use the lens pen to carefully wipe clockwise (counterclockwise is also fine, one direction is fine) and wipe the surface of the mirror until it is completely clean.
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