General knowledge of telescope maintenance takes only three steps

For the majority of telescope friends, the more annoying issue should be the maintenance of the telescope. Although the knowledge of telescope maintenance on the Internet is diverse, it seems that there should be some good results, but it may be that they have seen too much, but it is I was at a loss. Maintenance of the telescope is not a problem, in fact, it only takes three steps.

The first step of telescope maintenance: external maintenance

I often take the telescope to go out for a day of crazy fun. After having fun, our telescope is ruined by ourselves. So the first thing we need to do is to clean the outside of the telescope, because, in the process of use, there may be some Mud, sweat, and other dirt stuck to the telescope. For the external cleaning of the telescope, we can use a cotton cloth dipped inappropriate alcohol for a simple wipe to restore the original appearance of the telescope.

The second step of telescope maintenance: careful maintenance

The first step is just a rough cleaning. In this step, we will carefully clean the telescope, including the lens of the telescope and some places that are not easy to wipe. At this time, it is recommended that you use cotton balls or toothpicks to clean the gaps of the telescope. , Also, be extra careful when cleaning the lens of the telescope. It is recommended to wipe the lens with alcohol on the front of the lens, and the wiping force should not be too strong.

Three steps for telescope maintenance: business as usual

At this point, the cleaning of the telescope itself should be about the same. What we need to do is to restore everything to the original position, such as the adjustment of the focal length, whether some parts need to be disassembled, etc., and then put it properly. Put it in the special box for the binoculars and make it the same as when you bought it newly.

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