Selection of the observation location of the telescope

Many telescope enthusiasts may be on a whim for playing telescopes. After all the hard work, they finally graduated successfully in the process of buying telescopes, and they have a very good telescope of their own. Today, I will share with you the selection of telescope observation locations. What is suitable for telescope observation?

When it comes to words like observation, observation, and watching, I can’t help but think-stand taller and see farther! Yes, this sentence is really classic. It is definitely a famous saying when it comes to the philosophy of life and the small thing to see clearly. Therefore, it is recommended that all telescope lovers try to choose some high-rise houses when buying a house in the future so that you will never have to find a place for viewing the scenery.

The above statement is only in general terms, and may not be particularly suitable for watching other things, such as we use astronomical telescopes to observe stars, bird-watching mirrors to watch birds, and some waterproof telescopes. When viewing astrology, you must choose a place with a relatively stable ground and a place with a wide view. This is not only conducive to the safety of the astronomical telescope, but also conducive to better viewing of the target; the use of bird mirrors is recommended according to the specific It depends on the situation, such as where you want to see the birds and the degree of clarity, etc.; waterproof binoculars are generally used at sea, such as beach travel, swimming, and so on.

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