How to choose a viewing lens, the difference between a viewing telescope and other telescopes

Viewing is one of the main uses of telescopes. So many telescopes can also call themselves viewing telescope.

The difference between the viewing lens and the telescope is as follows: the eyepiece of the viewing lens is fixed, and the eyepiece of the telescope can be replaced; generally speaking, the magnification of the viewing lens is relatively small, not exceeding 10 times, and the magnification of the astronomical telescope will not below. It is more than 25 times; the viewing lens is relatively small and easy to carry, and the telescope is much larger.

The viewing lens is essentially a telescope with a relatively small magnification and is relatively easy to carry, so as long as there is no problem with the quality, it can be used under normal circumstances, but it is not recommended to use a magnification of more than 10 times or a zoom.

Telescopes can be roughly divided into two categories if they are used. One is for viewing scenery and the other is for astronomy.

Viewing objects include hand-held telescopes and non-hand-held telescopes (also called high-power desktop telescopes).

Those who watch astronomy are the astronomical telescope.

So what is the difference between a handheld telescope and a high-power desktop telescope when it is also used for a viewing?

If it is handheld, whether it is a civilian or military telescope, the handheld multiples have a standard optimal multiple ranges, which is 7 to 10 times. Among them, the most commonly used military telescopes are 7 times and 8 times. The so-called 20 times, 30 times, 50 times, and so on that are common on the market are all false standards. People who don’t understand are easily deceived.

Binoculars are not divided between home and home, just like cameras are not divided between home and home. In terms of price, you can choose according to your own needs~~ This can only be chosen according to your own situation.

How to choose? Let’s talk about it.Tens of dollars, if you choose a good one, you can buy a relatively rudimentary regular product; Hundreds of dollars if you choose a good one, you can buy a product that is very, very good for ordinary people. No matter how high the price is, if you choose a good one, you can buy products suitable for telescope enthusiasts.

If it is a desktop, this multiple ranges are relatively large because there is a tripod. But for ground-based scenery, the highest is generally the highest. When viewing scenery on the ground, the image quality begins to drop significantly when it exceeds 40 times, because the air starts to boil, and it doesn’t make much sense when it starts at 60 times.

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