Reasons for the large price gap of telescopes

Lens coating

Lens coating is our most intuitive experience of telescopes. Which color, red, yellow, blue, and green, etc. Generally, there will be many layers of coating on the surface of the lens, and the color of the regular manufacturer determines the quality of the image. It can be said that the technical content of high-end coating is Very high, just like the brown coating of a certain company has good permeability, sharp imaging, and requires a lot of manpower and material resources

Prism material

The prism mainly uses the refractive index to judge the quality of the lens, such as our common BAK4 and BAK7 prisms. The refractive index of the former is significantly better than the latter, so it can reduce the light attenuation, present a brighter image, and the price is also More expensive

Is it waterproof

Now mobile phones are equipped with high-level waterproofing. The same binoculars are also available in waterproof versions. Because the binoculars have moving parts connected to the outside world, it is more difficult to make a good way. Many products are nitrogen-filled and waterproof. The formation of water mist affects the image quality, especially in the wild. It is very important for people who like outdoor activities. They care more about quality than price.

body material

The material of the lens body directly determines the durability and price of the telescope. The plastic material is easy to deform but simple to make, and the metal material is high in cost but high in durability. These two directly affect the stability and life of the telescope. A cheap telescope accidentally falls. Maybe it’s off the optical axis, but the metal material is obviously much more reliable

Brand Value

Brand added value has always been exclusive to many high-end consumer products. In fact, to put it bluntly, they have their own unique technological advantages that other manufacturers cannot replicate. These technologies are essential to enhance the consumer experience, so they are willing to get better at a higher price. Experience, this is the power of the brand

Telescope imaging structure

Those who are familiar with binoculars know that there are two structures: Paul and Roof. The former has a mature technology with a low threshold and good imaging effect, while the latter has a high technical threshold. Only by continuous upgrading of technology to make up for its own structure Insufficient, so the price is relatively high

Lens material

The material of the lens directly determines the price. Anyone familiar with SLR knows that the main component of the lens is silica, but in order to obtain a better imaging effect, it is necessary to add trace elements in it to obtain a better imaging effect. R&D can only be supported by strong manufacturers and requires a lot of manpower and material resources. Therefore, the price of good lenses is naturally high.

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