The meaning of the abbreviation of the telescope

The abbreviation of the English letters of the telescope sometimes has different meanings in different telescope brands. Generally speaking, the following are easy to identify:

(1) CF: Central focus

(2) ZCF: Traditional Porro prism left and right expansion type, center focusing

(3) ZWCF: One more “super wide-angle” (W) than the item (2)

(4) CR: Camouflage color rubber case

(5) BR: Black rubber shockproof housing

(6) BCF: black, center focusing

(7) BCR: black camouflage rubber shell

(8) IR: Aluminum alloy lightweight housing

(9) IF: Individual focus adjustment for left and right eyes

(10) WP: Waterproof type with nitrogen gas

(11) RA: External rubber anti-vibration protection

(12) D: German prism, roof prism (straight tube type)

(13) HP: high eyepoint

(14) SP: Super high resolution

(15) ED: Ultra-low chromatic aberration lens

(16) AS: Aspherical lens

(17) ZOOM: Variable magnification zoom lens

(18) WF: Wide-angle field of view

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